I got the ok from Roz to start this. Let me set it up a bit for everyone. Anyone can post. . . if you have an idea for the story line, go ahead and add to it no matter how funny, epic or otherwise creative.

This first part was actually written by my daughter after the Steampunk event! She actually wrote this for my character Ambassador Amy King. I took it and added to it a bit (but it is not on my computer yet).

I will post what she wrote and see if anyone has any more to add and then I will fit my part in. . hopefully somewhere. Or it may go in a totally different direction.\
You can add as much or as little as you want. (although a paragraph would be better than just a sentence.)

(you may or may not remember doing this as kids where you and friends sat in a circle and someone would start a story and then pass it to the person next to them and they would add something and pass it on. After it got back to the first person it was really fun and sometimes interesting to read! That's what this is.) *Please remember that Amy King is half Elf*

Everyone Ready?

Here we go. . . . .

Time: Steampunk
Place: anyplace. . .names may be familiar but they are different due to the era
Genre: Steampunk/Fantasy

Amy walked to the side of her bed. She pulled out a long wooden box and opened it. Inside was her fathers gun. It had only been four months now. He had gone to war against the 13 colonies and had left it to her.

She hung her head. She had heard from one of his friends that was on the side of the Americas that he was coming home. She should have been happy, but she wasn’t.

He had always been an army man. He had been in the Steamhorn Battle and he had won. The French had given up their airship. She sighed.

Suddenly she heard a knock on the door.

“Ambassador King, are you awake?”

Martha she thought. Quickly, she put her fathers gun away and opened the door. Martha stood there with breakfast in hand

“Thank you Martha, but. . .you eat it. I’m not really that hungry” she said and without waiting for a reply, she shut the door.

A moment later a slip of paper slid under the door. She grabbed it. Looking at the death list she choked back the tears. Just then she saw it, the name she had most feared. Ambassador Allen King. She burst into tears as the unthinkable had just happened.


ROzbeans 12 years ago
'You, elf. Stop.'

Enaldie Nildale ignored the voice that no doubt belonged to one of the uppity humans serving the Ambassador's property. Without a flinch, she pushed by the doorman and took the steps down to the road. Her steam mount waited for her with glowing blue eyes and rusty exterior. It worked, she thought to herself seeing its drab appearance, it worked and I fixed it. It was good enough for her.

'I said stop!' The voice yelled out from the door.

Turning toward the voice, only because it was the way her mount was facing, she glared up at the human who approached her mount with angry eyes.

'Who sent that message?'

With an annoyed snort, she answered in a monotone voice. 'Came from the incoming troop commander. It's the death list and I'm just the messenger. Take it up with the Commander.' She turned to climb onto her mount when she turned back and pointed a finger.

'And it's Just Naddie, not 'elf'.'

'Do you know who you're talking to, Naddie?' The human sneered as he said her name.

'Other than a horse's ass?' She climbed up onto her mount and pulled it in the direction of the road leading away. 'No, I have no clue. And it's 'Just Naddie', not Naddie. 'Just Naddie'.' Kicking off, she mumbled under her breath just loud enough for the human to hear.

'Fucking human.'
Dia 12 years ago
The sound of sobs echo'd through out the great house. Each cry of mourning vibrating off the copper coated walls of the hallway. Celia stopped and shook her head and used the scent of the lavender soaked linens to block out the bad.

"Poor miss." She said to no one but herself.

Celia hadn't known the legendary Ambassador Allen King, as she was too young to have ever met him. But she did know his daughter. Why she had cleaned out Miss's room quite a few times in the past month. She was even lucky enough to have braided her hair on occasion.

Now as servant after servant got wind of the news the whole house was succumbed to the saddness. Bringing the linens into the washroom, old Lydia blew her nose into the hem of her skirt.

"No more work for today Celia. Go child go to your quaters. This is a day of mourning."

"Yes mam."

Celia hurried to her own area and took a seat on her bed roll. The others were all together, crying and cawing about memories and she was alone. Celia scattered the pile of straw in the corner and pulled out her creations. Three small metal mice that she had tinkered together herself. She was nearly fourteen but she already knew the importance of pets that could never die. Pets who would never leave her alone like her mother had.
quiarrah 12 years ago
Amys' mother Fiona blew into her room in a flurry of bustling skirts. "Oh, Amy!" she gasped as she caught her daughter up in a hug. "I just heard the news. Preparations are being made now as we speak for the furneral and for you to take on the role of Ambassador, as your father would have wished."
Amy gaped at her mother. Fiona was a beautiful elven woman with blonde hair which fell to her waist although she always had it in a high ponytail atop her head. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean and her skin fair. A very striking contrast to her fathers darker coloring and human features. Amy shared both. She understood why it was important for her to take on the role of Ambasador, she just had not anticipated it to happen so fast.
"After the furneral we will got to my home in the Faydarks first before meeting up with the elders of both factions" her mother was rambling and planing her very future right here and now. They hadn't even found a body yet. He was just a name on a list, his company had been in the area of destruction, but that didn;t mean that he had actually been killed. . yet. "Mother", Amy innterrupted. "Shouldn;t they have sent a body home?"
Her mother stopped her rambling and thought a moment. Waving her daughters concerns aside she took her by the arm and explained, "Perhaps his body was so badly damaged that they did not see fit to send it home. Or. .perhaps. . . they could not find one because there was just nothing to find. I do not like war Amy. This war between the humans and the elves has gone on too long and only you can put a stop to it. Now come. Pack up some things so we can leave as soon as the furneral is over."
With that, Fiona was out of the room and shouting instructions down the hall as she left. Amy sighed and shut her door. The first thing she would take with her was the antique box with her fathers gun. Pulling it out from beneath the bed she packed that in her chest first. Then she grabbed some clothes and piled them on top, closing the chest and setting it by the door. She paced as she waited for the carriage driver to come and get her for the trip.