EQ Mafia - Day Four Voting Thread

I will leave this vote open until tomorrow night, unless there is either a strong majority or everyone has voted, it being the weekend and all.

ROzbeans 19 years ago
Hammerthynn rubbed his forehead, neglecting his scar this time. He had been ignoring clue after clue. His sudden suspicion of Kiltheranos, even with the alliance had obviously been wrong. Hammerthynn went over who was left.

James Fraser - who has been very quiet, but very protective
Szordrin T'Sarran - who pointed the finger at Brujah
Immeni - who wishes to help heal those who are grief strickened
Taylina - acting suspicious and not a little odd
Muschi - again quiet and supsiciously so
Landau Mysticfury - we would be wise to watch this one

I believe I know who might be the god father, the doctor and the sheriff, but my vote and suspicion of being mafia goes to Szordrin T'Sarran.
Stormystone 19 years ago
My vote this round goes to: Hammerthynn Healingson

The scarred barbarian seemed to have secret dealings with Brujah, and Kiltheranos. The mangy wolf also needs to be cleansed. How something like that was accepted inside civilized walls was beyond tolerance.
immy 19 years ago
My vote is for Hammerthynn, reluctantly so.

*Immeni lets out a sigh of despair.*
Rikr 19 years ago
Disappointed in a once good Barbarian. My vote goes to Hammerthynn.
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
Hammerthynn Healingson
Verileah 19 years ago
m'kay, that's a majority. Scene to come in an hour or so, I need to eat dinner first O_O.
Aziyade 19 years ago
/ooc Umm, not that it matters much I suppose, but here's my vote:

She didn't want to think the shaman was capable of such an act. The dwarf, Szordrin, is certainly strong enough, but he does not have the height to strike a blow from that angle. The barbarian certainly has the heighth, and the neccessary strength, and he'd been behaving rather suspiciously.

It must have been Hammerthynn, though it broke her heart to reach that conclusion.

/ooc sorry I am so late, it's a bit busy on the weekends for me.
Verileah 19 years ago
Hammerthynn strode into the tavern with his spirit wolf companion close at his side. Knowing by now what to expect, the patrons and bartender quickly made themselves scarce, leaving only seven. Hammerthynn looked at the six who would sentence him to death. The six showed various reactions to the barbarian’s presence; it was obvious they had expected to have to hunt Hammerthynn down in order to kill him. Some could not meet his eyes, but others had to admire this shaman’s bravery at being willing to face his killers. Someone had the audacity to offer the barbarian a mug of ale, and even more surprisingly, Hammerthynn accepted, downing the mug in one tremendous gulp.

“Terror is indeed afoot if you are all so willing to kill an innocent man. We will all meet our graves as we must, some in shame and some in honor. I can only pray to the Tribunal that you will all die screaming. The Dark Heroes have met their goal, even if in the end you who are left defeat them. They merely wish to spend the balance of their lives causing pain and horror to all they come into contact with, and so they have done.”

No one dared to speak. In the silence, the seven remaining could hear the bustle of the crowds outside, the children playing their silly chasing games, a Guardian chasing down an apple thief. It seemed strange, indeed offensive to them now, to hear life continuing all around them. Hammerthynn took a deep breath and began to speak again.

“I have but one more thing to say. You do not deserve to know, but I am honor bound to tell you. Although it is too late to save myself, I know now who leads the murders. I know which of you began this evil scheme. The leader is...”

Suddenly Hammerthynn began to choke and gasp. Collapsing to one knee, he had time only to look at the mug that was still in his hand before crumpling to the floor, dead.

The remaining six took a collective sigh of relief. Hands pulled away from their weapons without ever realizing they were ready to draw at an instant. Someone laughed nervously. Some wondered what Hammerthynn had been about to say. Was he about to name me as the leader, they wondered. Was he even correct in his thinking? Others did not wonder. They already knew.

A wolf howled as night descended upon New Taanan.