Wanted to See

The art I missed on for the Mafia challenge but I cant seem to find it. Has it not been done yet? And for this next one above. . .Wet Work. . . can it be plainly displayed or at least have a link going to it? Because when I signed up for the Mafia one I ended up in the game and not the character art section and got very confused.

*and if this is not the proper place for this please move it. .thank you*

ROzbeans 12 years ago
Check your usercp, it's all still viewable in the 'Ho Slappin' art section. Your settings might be set to view recent threads instead of threads from the beginning.

Wet Works hasn't even started and all events are labeled clearly, you just have to adjust your settings. I already explained to you that the mafia game and the art event had two separate sign ups and was the first of its kind here. The next mafia game, about to start, will not have an accompanying art event. Wet Works will follow AFTER the mafia game.