Special Rules FAQ

Are out of character comments completely forbidden in this game?
You can put out of character comments irrelevant to the game at the beginning or end of your posts in the role playing threads, clearly marked with OOC. For example:

OOC: I have to go out of town for a few days so I won’t be able to respond as often.

Think of out of character comments as being similar to the ghost thread comments – nothing useful.

Can we still contact players privately?
We do encourage private roleplay discussions. To make this more enjoyable for all, we ask that you save all such exchanges (to be revealed at the end of the game), and add a little something to the roleplay thread for that day, such as a nod at a character in which you both slip off to the side, or a small scene about meeting up at night to discuss things in private.

Out of character discussions in private are ok as well. Feel free to scheme your hearts out, but please also respect the wishes of players that don't want to use OOC at any level.

Can we use the mods or some other tool to pass secret anonymous messages to each other?
Yes, but we don't guarantee the message will arrive completely unaltered. That is not to say we will mess with messages willy nilly, but we will use some common sense to keep the story flowing. For example: If you pass a message verbally through an unreliable NPC it may not arrive word for word. If you tell us you're leaving a letter somewhere where only that character should find it, and someone else roleplays themselves in that area they might find it.

We will accommodate these types of messages as much as we are able for compelling plot points, but we won't be at your beck and call 24/7 to pass notes.

What is this new role all the cool cats are talking about?
The suicide bomber will be replacing the serial killer for this game. If at any point in the game the suicide bomber is killed, s/he gets to take someone down with him. Each night s/he will submit a skid with the name of the person who would also die should s/he be killed, or lynched the following day.

How much writing will I have to do?
Everyone: Feel free to send us dying quotes as the game progresses. If it's possible we will incorporate those into any scene in which you brutally die (and possibly if you nearly die). We will use the most recent quote if we can; so if you really want to implicate someone upon your death make sure you send us an update before you expire. Also you MUST send it in a PM to both mods.

Townies: If you wish, you can merely post a brief sentence in the voting thread, but of course role playing is highly encouraged – both to make the game more fun and as a survival technique.

Mafia: Behind the scenes, you will have a bit more work to do. The godfather will be ultimately responsible for the kill scene, but the mods can (and most likely will) add edits to the scene. We encourage all mafia to participate, and share in the writing duties as they are comfortable. If you can't write your scene that night you need to let us know AT THE TIME YOU SUBMIT YOUR SKID.

Sheriff: You will need to roleplay a small PM to us with your question. This is still an ID. For example: Is soandso trying to kill us? We will respond with an answer in roleplay form. At the end we can post our dialog for merry times.

Doctor: You will need to submit a SKID every night. In the event that the person you save is hit, you will be able to write the scene after the kill is posted in which you save the person in some manner. You will need to send this scene to the mods to post.

Suicide Bomber: You will need to submit a SKID every night. In the event that you die, you will be able to write a scene in which you take another character down with you (This person would be the one you SKIDed the night before). You will need to send this scene to the mods to post.

Are the mods going to hook us up with some cool sigs or what?
That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But no :X. You guys can make your own, or make them for each other.

How will the timing for this game work?

For the beta run the timing will work as follows: (Times are in EST)

9pm: Voting closes; successful doctor save from the previous day posted*

9:30pm: SKIDS are due from the mafia, sheriff, doctor, and suicide bomber. Mafia needs to inform us by
this point if possible if they are unable to write the scene that night.

11pm: Kill scene due by the mafia

9am: Kill scene is posted - the sheriff receives an answer

We will post the lynch scene as soon as possible after voting closes.

* The doctor will be submitting their SKID at the normal time. If the doctor is successful we will leave the kill scene with a cliffhanger, and post the doctor's saving scene as voting closes. The person who should have died will know that they are still alive that day. This will give the doctor time to write a scene after the kill is posted.