Texturing in Poser... HELP!!

I wanna learn!

I've been trying to find some tutorials on how to do this, "Texturing for Dummies" or something like that, but haven't had any luck. Can anyone suggest anything that might help me out?? I have UVMapper, but that's as far as I've gotten...


Vex 13 years ago
You only need uvmapper if you're going to be making your own models too.

to texture something already existing, download the templates, open them in PS, and start drawing on them. Load them up in mat room and you're done.
Eve 13 years ago

Check that thread over in the Freepoz at Daz hon. The OP has an outfit that she's doing a lil contest for folks to texture, but she's also included several links about how to texture and such. Should give you some ideas at leasat
Darsa 13 years ago
Hah, that's exactly the kinda thing I'm lookin' for Eve!

I'm looking to see if I'm any good at texturing clothing; I need to do something because we had to replace one of our vehicles, and now have a bigger car payment and insurance on top of our already tight-as-hell budget. Since I can't find a job that will allow me to work around my current work schedule, I thought I'd see if there's anything I can do that might actually sell in Poser.

I wish I could afford the texturing disks that they have over at Poser World, but $30 is enough gas to get me to work for a week, and I can't afford that. Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas!