Wet Work- The Scenario and OOC Explanation

Welcome to the Crossroads, the center of a world where anything is possible. The streets are filled with everything from horses and wagons to flying cars. It is not uncommon to see a medieval knight deep in conversation with a street samurai. Some end up here intentionally, others quite by accident. No matter how they got here, though, they have all had to find a way to live together. Some take more persuading than others, and some never do see reason.

Enter The Order, a group of high ranking officials who keep the peace and decide who lives and dies here at the Crossroads. No one has ever really figured out who belongs to The Order, or if they have, they didn't live to tell the tale. You don't find them. Make enough noise, however, and they will find you. Be careful who you talk to about anything. The Order has ears everywhere. Your buddy who has been buying you drinks all night might just be an Agent, sent to test your mettle and your loyalty. The Order is not totally unforgiving. They understand it sometimes takes a bit of time to adjust to such an odd, overlapping culture. Just don't take too long. The next time your buddy buys you drinks, waking up under the table like the first time won't be an option. Waking up at all, will not be an option.


Having settled into the Crossroads, heeding all the warnings about watching what you say, you have grown comfortable in the knowledge that The Order has not taken any offense from your behaviour. Sitting in one of the many seedy bars in the town, you watch the surrounding patrons. As always, your back is against the wall. The door opens, and a face you've come to know quite well over the past few weeks enters, scanning the room until those smokey eyes find your gaze. As she saunters past the numerous men and women filling the room, most tend to look up from their table to watch her backside pass. She looks to you with a knowing smirk, feeling their eyes upon her. One man, obviously way past his limit of drinks, reaches out and smacks her tight rear end. With lightning reflexes, she reaches behind her, grabs his hand and tosses him over his table to land on his own backside. With a groan, the fool passes out, and no one dares to go to his aid.

"They never learn," she quips as she reaches your table. Pulling out a chair, she turns it around and straddles it, leaning to one side to hold her hand up to the tender behind the bar. He quickly brings over a bottle of whiskey and two shot glasses. She takes the bottle and shoos him away, turning back to you.

"Now then, you and I have much to discuss." Again she smirks, fills both shot glasses and then raises hers towards you in salute. You raise your own glass and clink it against hers, a rather curious expression painting your features. Downing the whiskey in one swallow, she slams the glass to the table and throws her head back in a short bark of laughter. "Don't look so surprised! You have skills, you've kept your nose clean, and you met me. You were bound to come to their attention some day. At least this way, you have a fighting chance. Fight with us, and the Crossroads will fall at your feet. Fight against us, and well, it won't be so pretty." She winks, refills her glass, and draws a sheet of paper from inside one of the many pouches at her waist. "Fill this out, and I'll take it back to my bosses. Tonight we celebrate! Just remember, we train in the morning, so you might not want to celebrate too much."

She downs the shot as you stare dumbfounded at the piece of paper in front of you, your first drink forgotten in your hand. Well, it looks like this was it: an application to become an Agent of The Order. Even though you had never confessed your former profession, it seems you have somehow made the cut anyway. So much for keeping your head down and taking it easy. No, no more of that for you. Back to the Wet Work!


OOC Explanation-

Everyone is an assassin, brought together in this city in another "dimension". Your character can come from any time and any place, making this a free for all, everything goes exchange. The only thing that is a constant across the board, is that you were an assassin in your previous world, and you're about to be forced to kill again. You can be as brief as you like in the experience portion of your description, but more details make better ideas for your exchangee to recreate your assassin. Keep in mind that the world we all reside in now has a multitude of cultures all crammed into one big city. If anyone has any questions, feel free to drop a PM to Lessa or myself, and we'll get you figured out.

ROzbeans 13 years ago