Slacker offering C/C services! :)

Okay, I suck at timing. I missed out on the exchange because I am a slacker and have been going to the gym so much I've neglected my TAC buds On the other hand, my arms are gettin' RIPPED!! *flex*

Anyway! I am here to offer my services as Constructive Criticism! I mainly play with Poser and Photoshop, but I'll be happy to pick apart anything. And I can be an absolute bitch about these things sometimes...

If you are looking for someone to nitpick your work, I'm happy to oblige! Oh, and if anyone else is interested in being a C/C bitch, please post here!


SnowDragon 13 years ago
I can atest that she nitpick on CC. I would also volunteer to CC for anyone that needs it. I would do this but for the next 3 months I will be either at work or asleep. It is AEP season for us so no fun for me.
Verileah 13 years ago
I can CC whatever. PM me here or email me at verileah at gmail dot com