EQ Mafia Day Five: A Riot in the Bar

To say that Muschi was uneasy would have been a decided understatement. Lately the beastlord had been questioning everything, even her own sanity. Was it possible she had killed all those poor people in her sleep? The accusations thrown in her direction had been most unnerving, motivating her to lynch the one responsible for this upset, but now her conscience could not rest easy. She could not put her finger on why, exactly. Visions of her bloody claws plagued her sleep at night, and during the day she was restless, looking over her shoulder, watching for what she did not know.

Looking around the table at the Tavern was in some ways like looking into a mirror. All around her, the same expressions of exhaustion and worry, but which of them were tired from long fearful nights huddled in their blankets, and which were weary from late nights and early mornings of killing? Muschi was no longer sure. Hammerthynn’s final struggling words plagued her thoughts. Was there any truth to the shaman’s declaration? How would he know? Was he one of the killers, and was trying to confess in a fit of guilt in his dying hour? How can we believe anything he said if that is the case? What was he about to say?

“It is time.”

Time for what?

And then several things happened at once.

Four of the remaining six stood up and cast their cloaks aside as one, revealing the emblem of the Dark Heroes over their hearts. Muschi had enough time to notice Taylina’s expression of shock and horror before as one the revealed killers jumped over the table and attacked the beastlord. Muschi let out a great howl to summon her warder, who jumped eagerly into the fray, always ready for blood. By now the entire bar had erupted in fighting; in the background Muschi could hear the bartender bellowing to stop at once, could see the flash of Taylina’s sword as she attempted to fend off three confused attackers at once. She heard glass breaking and smelled smoke. The noise of the riot rang in her ears as she kicked her former mage friend hard in the stomach and tried to make her escape. She heard the clang of a shield and felt what could only be blood trickle down the back of her neck. The world exploded in stars and a flash of light as Muschi fell to the ground. The last sound she heard was Taylina screaming at the top of her voice. Muschi hoped the paladin could somehow escape.

/ooc Yeah, that about wraps it up. I’ll post an epilogue this evening that will clear up the remaining mysteries and provide a little bit of closure to the story. I’ll want a bit more time to put together the final story, but for now if you want to forward me anything you think should be included, go for it. I’ll probably be sending out some PMs tonight asking questions and whatnot. In the meantime, you guys are welcome to reveal your roles, but it might be nice to have some surprises in the Epilogue tonight. It’s up to you though *grin*

Gratz to the Mafia, and I hope everyone had fun. I’m looking forward to running another game soon, so be ready to get your revenge, townies!