self portrait

Terrifying though it is, here's a fairly good likeness of me. I took a photo of myself (shocking, the camera didnt break) and used it as a guide to do a basic outline to make sure i got the proportions and whatnot right. Then I went to work over that using the photo as a color and shading reference.

Im not entirely happy with my nose, in life or in the painting, but there's not a lot I can do about either so Im just going to let it be.

Do try not to laugh too hard, I dont tend to take it well at all. C/C is fine, but no laughing, damnit.

and here's that nasty little black line base i mentioned.

Sarah 17 years ago
oooh so pretty!

Is your eye shaded like that? That is so cool. My youngest has a smokey gray outer iris and amber inner iris, multi color eyes fascinate me.

I think the only c/c I have is to put a little bit of shadow where your head covers your pony tail to give it a bit more depth. Otherwise, very well done.
KassyNaVerdis 17 years ago
yeah, i have different color eyes. heterochromia iridis its called, though i might have spelled that wrong. one's hazel, the other's hazel on the top and greyish blue on the bottom. its always amusing when people notice it after several years... they tend to assume that its just then changed or something, just cause they never noticed. *snicker*
ROzbeans 17 years ago
I saw this on DA, great job, Kassy! The only c/c I can give it is more shading and texture on her skin. To give it a little more depth, I couldnt tell you HOW though It is a remarkable resemblance, !
DriftingEvil 17 years ago
i spent a good hour "touching up" that pic... your pic is simply amazing. mad props to you... I remember a line from "Monster's ball" (i really dont know if that's the name of the movie) 'It takes a human to really make a picture. Camera's dont have a soul, and it takes a soul to capture a person's picture" It's something like that. But Rather than adding all the detail i could. I just redrew it how i saw it... i know this is making no sense, but maybe my pics will help.

Please note, i've never taken an art class... well i took 1 when i was like 5 and all i remember was art is the ability to draw what you see.

i really only reshaded the eyes, accented the edges around your nose and jaw, added a little detail to your lips, softened and straightened your brows.... how in god's name did you do the hair?

I think little more could be done to this w/o altering the art of the picture. Maybe something could be done with the mating of the lips to the face, but i think it good.

PS: Dont bash your looks. First thing my room mate said when he saw me redoing this was "Damn! Who's that?" and I must say I agree.

Just saw your pic of the white haired DE.... yea WOW draw your self ports more like that!
KassyNaVerdis 17 years ago
apparently i habitually ignore the feature called contrast. probably because my monitor is overdark and it usually looks fine to me. not to worry, im getting a new one soon. mwahahahaha.

as far as hair goes, ive got a basic tutorial in the proper section of the forum. the eyebrows i left a bit messy because Im lazy and hate dealing with them in real life so i figured Id let 'em go a bit in the pic.

Im not sure which white haired elf you're refering to, i give most of my elves white hair, since Id love to have that really silvery platinum myself. Maybe I'll post Pearls, since that's another pic like this one. an elf, but used myself as reference since none of my bratty friends would pose.