Read This - a poem

You may be able to read this
You may be able to see
I don't think you want to miss
The rhyme coming out of me

But after you get done reading
Poems chock full of rhymes
You may find yourself thinking,
wow, what a wonderful time!

Poems flow from places strange
Thoughts and feelings deeply hidden
So deeply are these, so difficult to change
When they come, they do so unbidden.

I find the words start to grow
When my heart feels full enough to burst
And I'd like to have you know
That its this point I feel the worst

Am I making it legible, readible, fun?
Did I convey the point I needed?
Or did I let my cold thoughts run
Or my gibberish blow unheeded

When sharing poems, I know they must be true
It comes from deep inside my soul
And when I share them with you
Complete connection 'tween you and I, is my goal
I hope you felt it too.

ROzbeans 19 years ago
Mmm romantic words of the heart.