Being Human

I know this area is about movies but wasn't sure where to talk about tv shows. This is a new series that just started. I watched the first one and I think it has an interesting premise. Is anyone else watching it?

ROzbeans 13 years ago
I saw the commercials for this on sifi or whatever it's called now. It's based off the BBC's original series - . The transition between really excellent british shows to US versions is like a hit and miss. The Office is really the only one that stands out - god knows the US version of Couples was fucking horrible. So I haven't watched the US version of Being Human - might not. How did you like it?
vwinsect 13 years ago
I'm interested, and they left it with a cliff hanger, so verdict is still out. I'll watch a few more to see. It could be interesting. I like the premise, though that was before I found out it was a BBC show. I have never really enjoyed British tv shows. I just don't get them. I did like one I saw some of with a friend that was BBC crazy called I think Red Dwarf??? But even that one had some episodes that left me wishing I had brought a book. lol