Licensing your artwork

Does anyone have any experience with this? I have a guy in France who is interested in using some of my art for some new jewelry design he's come up with. He is talking about doing it as a partnership, where basically we split the profit 50/50. Sounds nice and all, if he sells well at least. However, not knowing the guy from Adam, I really don't want to go into some partnership that depends on my trusting a stranger. I mean even if we do a contract that he's trying to translate right now from French, how am I to know what he's actually selling? He had also mentioned getting ready to put his catalog together, and now his last mail says something about maybe the artists doing their own page for his catalog.

So basically, I think having him pay to license the usage of my art would be the better alternative, but I'm not really sure how to go about doing that either. Anyone have any input?

Kilandra 12 years ago
I think that your latter suggestion, about him paying a licensing fee is a much better sounding way to go. You're right. You don't know what he is doing with it, nor does it seem like you have too much control. I'd ask for references and examples of his work (portfolio) before agreeing to anything like this, also. I mean, on one hand, it sounds like a really awesome business venture, but on the other, you have to protect yourself and your art.

I liked this article, because it's pretty straight forward and simple:

If you seek aid in getting your license, look for a specialist who is a member of the International Licensing and Manufacturing Association. They hold certain ethical standards when representing others.

Never allow anyone to gain full copyright to your artwork.

Never allow anyone to gain full reproduction rights of your art.

Absolutely never give up ownership of the original artwork which is being licensed.
Eve 12 years ago
Yeah I actually read up on some of that last night, from that site in particular. Still need to email him back about my feelings. As for using an actual licensing firm, don't think I want to go that route either. Don't feel like giving them a cut when I already have a client lined up for myself.
Kilandra 12 years ago
yeah, less involved ='s more $$. Legaleez or whatever that site is, has a ton of legal documents online, and I'm sure you can find free ones too. I've used some of theirs when dealing with unruly landlords and with going through my divorce, I hope this works out for you, so exciting!