Daz coupon for facebook fans

Here is a Voucher good for $5-- Voucher code: FB4500w0w

Also here is a coupon good toward 45% off DAZ originals--
Coupon Code: fB4500

Both the voucher and Coupon Expire at the end of the month, so use them quick! Thank you for being wonderful!

Please do not leak this info to non-facebook fans.

Just read that last line. Oops lol. http://www.facebook.com/DAZ3D.FanPage

Laschae 12 years ago
I used that up like right away and bought dragon stuff. I don't even know why...I'm kind of running out of Daz Originals that I want.
ROzbeans 12 years ago
I just realized I have a ton of warrior chick clothes. I don't even play EQ or WOW (at the moment) and have almost zip for normal clothes. That's what I need - v4/m4 regular clothes =/
Laschae 12 years ago
I've been trying to get regular clothes too and sci fi stuff since I'm not playing any games either. Kicking my own ass for not getting Complicated Eve...
ROzbeans 12 years ago
I LOVE COMPLICATED EVE. However, i miss using poser so I can use Parrot's textures =/ It's a bitch in daz.
Faeini 12 years ago
Daz website aint loading for me
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Their store is going back and forth from beta to standard set up. Maybe they're pushing the beta out.
Faeini 12 years ago
blah i don't like their beta site lol
Kilandra 12 years ago
I tried to buy a few things several times throughout the month, and it never worked, so ... if they don't get it together I might just ditch daz's store all together, especially since their customer service not once ever got back to me. Very disappointing. Hope they get thier stuff together soon.
ROzbeans 12 years ago
Usually takes a couple days, but customer service always responds to my contact requests. Are you checking the open tickets? They add everything to there. The voucher you add via your account, not while checking out.
Adiene 12 years ago
bleh i suck Effing work work work all the time i dont get to do anything =/ ....... /quit