Dead Reckoning - Stackhouse 11

Yes, folks, it's at 11 now. Cue the bad joke "wah wah wah" sound.

I stand by my comment (and include Dia's) from the previous book; this is the "second half" to that book's "first half."

A shitload of "fluff" to pad the story into a second book, with "day to day activities for over 200 pages with only hints to any sort of drama" before a somewhat more satisfying climax than its precursor.

Though we got the book for some 50% off at Walmart, I doubt we'll be buying the next in hardback.

Dia 11 years ago
You know, I haven't even purchased this book yet because of last years let down. I wonder what happened. Is she bored with the series? Too focused on the TV show?
I miss the good book days of the series