What's your cpu build? I'm upgrading.

My father is upgrading my computer and I'm wondering what some of y'all are running. Right now my render time is at least 5hrs+ to 20hrs average for a detailed render. I'm looking at:

Intel Z68 chip set
8-16 gigs of memory
What series processor would be better - I5 2500k or I7 2600k, rather, is the I5 adequate?
I will be running win7 64x.

Can y'all post your system specs so I can talk it over with my pops? Thanks guys.

Vex 12 years ago
Vulash 12 years ago
I think my desktop is actually faster, but it's down atm and I built it 2 years ago so I don't remember the stats

Vulash 12 years ago
Oh I have a mid range graphics card (so it says, but one of the better options you'll see on most) that is switchable. Radeon
Kelefane 12 years ago
My computer is very very similar to Vulash's desk top above.
pharren 12 years ago
My computer is very very similar to Vulash's laptop above.