Sherlock (tv series 2010)

Was looking through netflix and saw this on streaming. It's one of those BBC 2hr (really 1:30) EPs shows that is a modernization of Sherlock Holmes. I gotta say, just watched the pilot Season1:1 and it was both hilarious, brilliant, and damn good. Just started last year and I guess they're done with season 2 already - only 3 EP's per season. Probably going to stay up and watch all 3 of Season 1's.

The guy who plays Watson is HA-LARIOUS. He's the supervisor in Hot Fuzz in the beginning ('How's the hand?') and is both charmingly Watsonish and hilarious at the same time. The actor who plays Sherlock is perfect. Socially inept, rude, amazingly brilliant, and just as funny. Good stuff.

Adiene 11 years ago
wtf how come i never seen this .... I slack! OMFG
ROzbeans 11 years ago
They just started filming season ( or series as the weird brits call it) 2.