Armor design (wip) need some ideas and c/c

So I love modeling clothing and have been trying to make armor. This is piece here is inspired by the art of warhammer online as well as degins of other artists. I want to redo bracers cause I am not happy with current ones. In addition want to added on more actually armore like onto shoulders and hips but am not entirely sure design wise how to approach it. Maybe also modify the skirt more. Any ideas also c/c of the armor would be greatly apprieciated don't worry I am not to easily offended.

p.s. This fits mavka.

Eve 11 years ago
Looking pretty good actually! I like the bracers as is myself. The one thing that feels off to me is the area around her neck. If that is plate, she would have a really hard time moving her neck at all, much less comfortably.

Oh and for the skirt, how bout a shorter overskirt for some chain mail? Just a thought
Aellas 11 years ago
hmm good points Eve Still trying to figure out how to approach a chain mail skirt best. The armor is knida meant to be leather. This is sorta in some ways my version of a disciple of Khaine. Here is a quick test render just I did to see if current pieces worked before I added more stuff
Laschae 11 years ago
Looks cute to me
Aellas 11 years ago
Redesigned skirt. Test using various Parrot dolphin materials. Almost done UV mapping this sucker.

Eve 11 years ago
Lookin' good