NoTAC- Questions to you (ATTN Snowdragon & Kilandra!)

Snow your person would like to know-
" I have a question for snow - what skin tone/race is her vampire angel?"

Eve 12 years ago
Please could you ask Kilandra to provide me with hair colour, distinguishing marks, eye colour etc, she's updated her post to provide height and figure form, so that helps.
Kilandra 12 years ago
any hair color they want. Left it blank basically because it's a halloween costume thingy, and I figure they could wear a wig or something as part of the costume, so it didn't matter much, but if you want one, go with red or black, as that's usually how I depict her. Any eye color as well (cause she could have contacts in ) and no distinguishing marks for this round If you need anything further, just holler, and I'll post! THANKS!
SnowDragon 12 years ago
Sorry i didn't see this earlier. She has olive skin tone.