Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5782108/1/Harry_Potter_and_the_Methods_of_Rationality by Less Wrong

Yes, I am posting a fan fiction I found online - I swear it's not porn, it's like a real book, by some guy going by Less Wrong. For those of you who have read the HP books and/or watched the movies, -and- enjoy Ender's Game, -and- enjoy science and philosophy and nerdy references, this one's for you.

What if Harry Potter had been raised, not by cruel and ignorant assholes, but by loving and brilliant parents? What if he grew up to be a super genius in the muggle world, only to discover a whole other magical universe to conquer...er...optimize?

Some quotes:

Harry ruffled a hand through his own hair. Maybe it was just that strange part of him which had already been convinced, but... "That's a bit of an anticlimax," Harry said. "You'd think there'd be some kind of more dramatic mental event associated with updating on an observation of infinitesimal probability -" Harry stopped himself. Mum, McGonagall, and even his Dad were giving him that look again. "I mean, with finding out that everything I believe is false."

You're mine now, Harry thought at the walls of Diagon Alley, and all the shops and items, and all the shopkeepers and customers; and all the lands and people of wizarding Britain, and all the wider wizarding world; and the entire greater universe of which Muggle scientists understood so much less than they believed. I, Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres, do now claim this territory in the name of Science.

Lightning and thunder completely failed to flash and boom in the cloudless skies.

"So now I've got to find some way to kill an immortal Dark Wizard," Harry said, and sighed in frustration. "I really wish you had told me that before I started shopping."

I think some of y'all would dig. It's a serial fiction, so it's ongoing, but it gets updated with new chapters fairly frequently, by the author, who is not me, but this guy Less Wrong.

ROzbeans 10 years ago

I'm not bilingual, despite having a filipina mother, but I'm pretty sure I know what that title means. O_o

Awesome you're writing, Veri! Going to read it ASAP!
Verileah 10 years ago
Oh, goodness, I only wish this was by me! I'm so sorry for the confusion, I can take no credit for this wonderful fanfiction and will edit my original post to clarify.

*is so embarrassed*
ROzbeans 10 years ago
Oooh, yeah I totally read that wrong =x
Mileron 10 years ago
Dammit, I didn't need another HP FF to read
Verileah 9 years ago
I got a kick out of this quote. I totally identify with it, lol.
"Is there some amazing rational thing you do when your mind's running in all different directions?" she managed.

"My own approach is usually to identify the different desires, give them names, conceive of them as separate individuals, and let them argue it out inside my head. So far the main persistent ones are my Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin sides, my Inner Critic, and my simulated copies of you, Neville, Draco, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Professor Quirrell, Dad, Mum, Richard Feynman, and Douglas Hofstadter."

Hermione considered trying this before her Common Sense warned that it might be a dangerous sort of thing to pretend. "There's a copy of me inside your head?"

"Of course there is!" Harry said. The boy suddenly looked a bit more vulnerable. "You mean there isn't a copy of me living in your head?"

There was, she realized; and not only that, it talked in Harry's exact voice.

"It's rather unnerving now that I think about it," said Hermione. "I do have a copy of you living in my head. It's talking to me right now using your voice, arguing how this is perfectly normal."

"Good," Harry said seriously. "I mean, I don't see how people could be friends without that."