Need new Moose Logo :(

Looking for Vector style moose logo for wrestling/

Can't find a premade logo that I like so far .. Sucks, there just isn't very many moose logos to choose from lol

It is for our wrestling team, and page etc.
I love the look of the Manitoba Moose logo :

The isn't to bad either

and is kinda cool, just missing the uber cool look like the others have.

If I can combine them it would prolly be the perfect image ...

Any clues? takers? lol /bangs head on wall

Verileah 11 years ago
I could take a crack at it - or if you want me to simply 'vectorize' a preexisting sketch, I could do that too. Is this the logo that will be printed on uniforms? Can you tell me what the color limitations are and any other specs?