Oh snap...Mists of Pandaria, next WOW expansion


Eve 10 years ago
PANDA! *does a lil dance*
Laschae 10 years ago
I'm trying to not get sucked back in to WoW ><
Eve 10 years ago
Well I just reupped my eq2 sub for 3 months so yeah... but they pissed me off. The only reason I did station access was for the extra slots. Now, whatever their lil all access pass thing is, doesn't include the extra slots, just access to all the sony games, which I could care less about. Now I have to purchase slots that I already had filled? Cuz they decide this many years into the game to change shit up? Yeah, not a happy camper and haven't logged back in since that first night. I couldn't even find that much info on it, so hubby went digging til he found it. Guess that's what I get for leaving for a year and diving back in head first without researching any new changes first *sigh*
pharren 10 years ago
I've already reserved two legitimate-sounding-yet-ultimately-inane names for whenever I make a Pandaren: Shiwu (Mandarin for "food") and Xiansheng (Mandarin for "mister" or maybe "sir"). The word for "eat" was already taken. I am cheapened.

EDIT: In case any of you ladies want to get cheap with me...


... Xiaojie is the word for "miss"