Witching Hour

Trying to get the feel again for Poser since I got a commission which I haven't had one in a LONG time and to top it off, I have to make a Gnome. Anyway, umm.. yeah here's what I made yesterday. Something seems off... maybe the pumpkins or the ugly lighting.

The Witching Hour by ~Nianya on deviantART

Kilandra 12 years ago
hm, on my screen it is VERY dark... and what throws it off for me, is the pumpkins. Mainly because the rest is hardly 'seeable' and then you have these three orange pumpkins that seem really bright even though they aren't. Does that make sense? While the pumpkins have the rule of three going, because I can only see her upper torso boobage neck and head area, then the pumpkins, it is also missing a third for that 'feel'. Man I'm not good at explaining my thoughts I like it, though, regardless!