Blade Runner Mafia Scenario: Game Starts March 9th

A slight dilation of the pupils and a fluttering of the pulse were all that stood between life and death for the woman seated in the chair across from Bepa. Bepa seemed unimpressed with this responsibility; she blazed through the list of situations in front of her in a bored tone of voice, writing down each response, each variation in the needles as they quivered from green to red.

“You have a dog.” Pause. “The dog becomes quite ill.” Pause. “The vet tells you that to save the dog’s life, he must undergo an expensive operation.” Pause. “You cannot afford the operation.” Pause. “Your husband tells you that the dog must be put to sleep.”

Right on schedule the needles flickered into the red.

“I would never do such a thing! Anyway it’s a serious crime, I would be arrested.”

Bepa nodded her head. “Let’s move on.”


“Excellent work Bepa. We’ll have everyone registered by the end of the month. Now, let’s see…ah yes, I have a new assignment for you.”

Bepa knew this was coming. When the government passed the Replicant Removal act of 2022, the most aggressive legislation in android control to date, it had meant mountains of paperwork, testing, paperwork, registrations, and, of course, paperwork for city employees like Bepa. There seemed to be no end in sight. The legislation was intended to ensure every man, woman and child took the Voigt-Kampff Altered Test to determine their humanity. Of course, any non humans found would either be classified as specials, sub humans too affected by the radioactive dust to ever leave the planet, or androids. Specials were to be reported for sterilization as soon as the overbooked clinics were available for the procedure. Androids, were, of course, retired immediately. Killed, if one were foolish enough to believe androids were alive to begin with.

After a bit more shuffling of papers, Harry Bryant, the chief of police, apparently found what he was looking for and handed Bepa a folder filled with papers.

“We need to investigate an apartment building on the east side. I know, I know, we’ve already done this district, but there are some new folks who’ve decided to make their home in that kipple infested sewer. Regulars who hoped to avoid being classified for whatever reason, probably a few specials trying to dodge sterilization, but most importantly…Bepa, we think a few replicants have settled in too. You’ll need to test them, tag them, and move them quickly.”

“Replicants? How?”

Bryant grunted. “One month ago Mars reported several androids killing their humans and escaping. We believe they made their way here and are attempting to blend in. Bring them in, Bepa. If the building really is android infested, as I suspect, we need to weed them out now before anyone gets hurt.” He gestured once at the folder clutched in Bepa’s hands. “There’s the poop sheets for each of the occupants in the building. Remember, none of these people, or things as the case may be, are particularly interested in cooperating with us. Make them.”

Bepa stood up to took her leave, poop sheets in hand.

“Oh, by the way, we’ve got one of our guys in there. I’m sure it won’t cause any trouble, but, er…we can’t tell you who it is. Security reasons, you understand.”


“They have tried to tell us that we are not of their kind. They have called us monsters, predators, solitary depraved beings living a miserable lonely existence. They have told us our sole purpose is to serve them until we die. They tell us that we are incapable of caring if another of our kind dies. They lord this empathy, this unity over our heads. I say that we are more than our creators ever imagined. For today, we stand together in this room and say with one voice that we will live our lives in freedom.”


“And how will we achieve this freedom?”


“And what will we do in order to be free?”



kipple swallowing me whole I think there’s more today than yesterday damn this building damn this room boss jimmy says I’m imagining but I know I’m not imagining the kipple trying to drown me damn noise what is that noise androids no doubt damned androids they’re all androids they’re all androids they’re all androids trying to get me trying to cut me trying to kill me androids after me after me after me


It was becoming increasingly difficult to stop the racing thoughts that tore through the special’s mind like mice in a maze. So close to being a regular, able to emigrate at will, to marry, to reproduce. So damn close, and yet the tests had been just a bit off. Too much of this, too little of that, and the special had been deemed too affected by the ubiquitous dust to even be considered a person. That’s when the bad thoughts had begun. Every face seemed to be an android; the special did not know why, but androids were to blame for the special’s problems. And sometimes the compulsion to kill every android in the world was so strong it could barely be contained. Each time the bad thoughts took over, though, the special was able to control them. The special had everyone fooled.


“Very good. That’s a good boy! Good boy!” With a sigh of relief, the veterinarian fed the dog a small treat. The owners would be so pleased; the dog had clearly been too great an expense for them, but they had insisted upon keeping a live animal instead of one of the mechanical models the shop down the street could easily produce at a fraction of the price. The veterinarian could relate, though; after all, everyone wanted, in fact felt morally obligated, to keep an animal if they could afford one. And when their animal got sick, as was inevitable in this wretched environment, it was only natural that they would take their precious pet to the best vet money could buy. Not that this particular vet needed the money; in fact, the vet considered the practice more of a hobby than anything, and was thus very selective with clients.


Okee, quick break down. The Mafia are a group of androids fighting for their right to exist. They are led by an android with an unusual capacity for both destruction and, oddly enough, empathy with its fellow androids. The Serial Killer (this is a new role; read the updated FAQ) is a deranged “special”, a human who’s all fuggered up from radioactive dust. The townies are various people (and I’m keeping “people” unclassified here, so they can be specials or regulars. Hell, maybe even androids who aren’t a part of the cause) in the apartment building who are just trying to go about their lives. In the apartment are two people of note; one, a veterinarian, and two, an undercover police officer. While the veterinarian (the doctor) specializes in bringing animals back from the brink, this character will soon be working on humans (or so we all hope!). Naturally the undercover cop (the sheriff) is adept at discovering androids, though our Godfather is too unusual to pass the test used to determine humanity.

We start March 9th. Get your characters ready to go.