V5 - bunch of renders comparing to genesis and what not.

So a few things..

  • V5 poses are not 100% compatible with genesis

  • V4 textures work on V5

  • V5 textures work on any genesis model ( select the right UV, most mat files do this for you anyway )

now on to my images.

Genesis on the Left, V5 on the right.

V5 supermodel with my Sherry(V4UV) texture

KaAnna 12 years ago
Thanks for these, Vex! So, opinions on her? Should I get her because I'm going to need her in the future anyway? Is it worth moving over to V5 right now?

Still very much on the fence, and I don't even know how to make up my mind. Either lots of questions or just feeling sort of underwhelmed. Or like.. $24-$39 for a character essentially. I dunno.
Kilandra 12 years ago
I was all gung ho about her, but then I started to realize some thing. I hand dial all my characters anyway... and they usually end up looking something kinda like her, if that is what I'm going for, so... why would I buy that? I like the pro bundle for all the other stuff that comes with it, and I like her skin. I just don't know. bleh. why is stuff so expensive!?
Vex 12 years ago
the prices are pretty high but you get a lot more in each pack this time around. You have to look at Genesis as the 'free base character' and V5 more of an elite addition.

She does have different rigging ( you can see this first hand by posing her and then sliding her bodyshape to 0, her joints change position, which can have a pretty big impact on some poses and such.
Aellas 12 years ago
I am not really sold on her yet but then again I haven't really been doing artistict renders I just am more so working on my modeling skills atm. Still need to get a hang of UV mapping then texturing.
Vex 12 years ago
Well the great thing about the genesis base is you don't necessarily have to use the V5 textures on V5. That last render was V5 with my V4 texture on it. I picked her up because eventually V5 will replace V4 ( it has to happen, it has for 4 gens in a row, and will continue so ) and I'm so sick of V4's funky ass armpits and other areas that V5 has fixed.

I was like 'holy shit' about the pro bundle price, but after seeing the difference between V4's pro and V5's pro ( about 5 more products with V5 ) and the quality of said products.... and besides, I'm already in with the Daz4Pro and the Genesis Evolution crap. Why would I not get V5!

I don't think people have really realized the awesome power of genesis yet. This is only the beginning. ( insert Siamat's voice here - from lost city of tol'vir.. ) Once people become more familiar with making clothing items that work for M/F/Anything its going to be sooo crazy! I just wish all my old boots converted flawlessly.
Vex 12 years ago
1 thing that does bother me about V5's pack - the boob morphs. Now I am all for big boobies, but I feel like they gave me 8 versions of about the same thing ( at 1.0 they all become huge saggy tits that look way too big for the V5/V5 supermodel frame ) there's NO petite boob morphs at all, or any other kind of variation beyond 'almost saggy' to 'very saggy'. No genital morphs yet, but those are supposed to be coming soon. ( they get deposited for free in your account if you've purchased )

I figured what would make better sense is to morph A B C D E F G H + cupsizes as a separate morph for each. not All size H with various different characteristics ( like gap between breasts, or the slope shape, or the nipple position.. All of those characteristics should be separate morphs too ( and some are... )
Vex 12 years ago
V5 default on the far left, the rest are the breast morphs 1-8 ( not sure of the order anymore, woops )

larger view link: http://up.rofl.ws/BOdk
Laschae 12 years ago
Yeah I thought the same thing when I saw the preview of the boobs. I would much rather have more size varieties. Still sitting on the fence about this whole Genesis thing. I did try to mess with DS4 yesterday but without anything but the default morphs for Genesis I got bored. And all I make are ugly ass renders that take a lifetime to render. I really want that blonde hair on V5 on the Daz front page.
KaAnna 12 years ago
That blonde hair is quite nice indeed. And yeah, with only the default Genesis morphs, its boring indeed.

I just picked up V5, but with all the pics this month, I really have no desire to open up DS4 right now lol
Laschae 12 years ago
I'm thinking about picking up ONE of the Genesis morphs packages. Not sure if I should go for the Gen 4 shapes or the Genesis ones... Guess I will figure it out by the end of the day and my vouchers poof.
Vex 12 years ago
If you get the Gen4 program ( that was at rendo and may or may not be returning to rendo, possibly daz ) you don't need to buy any extra older shapes. The Gen4 program can handle that for you. Its windows only though.

The Evolution morphs pack is pretty much your 'morphs++' equivalent. If you get the Gen4 shapes you get JUST that default shape...

I Like the Gen4 program because you can just transfer all your older FBMs with general ease. I've got GND, Alice, Utopian shapes in my genesis now. well worth the investment.
Laschae 12 years ago
Yeah learned that the hard way HAHA =D