Modern Warfare 3 (PC)

I don't know how many of you play FPS games currently or ever have, but I play them on the side now and again and did a little research into the release of Modern Warfare 3 (November 8th release).

A detailed article can be found here:

Single player:

Preliminary reports suggest that the single player will be just as entertaining if not more so than the two previous Modern Warfare titles. Expect fast-paced frantic battles mowing down Russians in major European cities.

Multi player:

Kill streaks have been removed. Point streaks have been implemented, they allow unlocks like kill streaks did in the past however these are touted to be more about helping the team than simply wracking up a body count. There are dedicated servers; however, they are all UNranked servers in MW3. This means that weapon unlocks are not earned progressively while playing online on a dedicated server. Available weapons will be completely subject to the whims of the admin of the dedicated server. I am not sure how this would be workable if they used the previous format of requiring a player to be in the game lobby(not on a server) to change equipment loadouts.


*Fast paced, expect an excellent single player experience

*Updated graphics

*RCON and other features the PC community finds necessary


*No lean in the game - this is the same as MW2 but was actually included in CoD:Black Ops, and Black Ops was by far a superior multiplayer experience to MW2

*Dedicated servers are for unranked matches only - players cannot level up and unlock new weapons progressively on these servers

*No max fps command in the console (does not allow gamers to set a max limit to improve overall performance)

*18 slot server limit - this is a limitation based on console games which has been imposed on the PC version, even Black Ops(PC) had 32 person servers so it is not a limitation of the game, but rather of the port of the game because the devs were too lazy to implement the game for PC properly

*Reliance on the terribly done P2P system for matchmaking (no dedicated servers are used, you connect to someone's computer) - this can cause all sorts of issues ranging from LONG wait times trying to find a matchmaking server, terrible latency once connected, and long pauses in the action if the host disconnects while the game migrates to a new host

*While the graphics are updated, they are still using the original IW MW engine used in all of the previous titles with tweaks to improve performance and appearance - the minimum system requirements are nearly identical to the previous game on this engine(Black Ops), this means that it really doesn't hold a candle to Battlefield 3 but it will still look quite good

tl;dr - While I'm sure the single player will be excellent, I will most likely not purchase this game due to the lack of respect the franchise is showing to PC gamers. Lack of ranked dedicated servers and lean is a huge mistake basically due to the porting of a console game. I expect this to do almost as poorly in the PC market as MW2 as they continue to cater primarily to console gamers.