Oh my god. This game is fucking A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Anyone that is a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, buy and play this game asap. It'll consume hours and hours and hours of your time. Its graphically awesome.

Vex 12 years ago
I got it for the 360...

The Artist team should get ALL the props dude. They have made an amazing looking game.

The actual game development team needs to play their own game. I've ran into a lot of shitty "physics" and other gameplay issues. Sometimes the controls are really awkward and combat doesn't feel as smooth as I expected. I feel like they spent all their budget hiring the best artists, and forgot about hiring the best developers. I've been a longtime bethesda customer, so I'm actually kind of surprised by presence of the problems i've experienced.

It isn't game-stopping for me, but it does deduct points.
Vulash 12 years ago
Does it play like the previous ones in the series? I'll be honest I could never get in to those games. I found the combat to be extremely boring, progression lacked appeal, and I had no focus.
Kelefane 12 years ago
The game is beautiful from a graphic stand point. It'll probably end up being one of the best graphical games that you ever played.

And yes, the progression is a lot better in this one.

But ive been a huge Elder Scrolls fanboi since the Arena and Daggerfall days.
Mileron 12 years ago
I had big problems with Oblivion's "everything levels with you" scheme, but they've changed this one a little where some dungeons and monsters stop levelling or are already higher level than you.
So you can definitely wander into a higher level dungeon from world exploring at level 2 and easily get squashed.

Also it's a lot harder to play the insane sneak-marksman like in Oblivion.

It's a very pretty game, and some of the physics are quite weird (a crit hit from a giant threw me up up up up into the air where the land disappeared) and my packratness comes out in droves here (as it did in FO3).

The UI is extra shitty, considering I play on PC, and yet it handles like a console port. Fuck that shit, if I pay 60 bucks for a PC game, I want it to WORK LIKE A PC GAME.
Greywood 12 years ago
Despite its drawbacks, it is still probably the best overall RPG I have played. The game does start a bit slow, everything seems a bit too easy early on, but around level 16 or so I noticed diversified enemies that did a LOT more damage and the AI isn't completely clueless either, they will run for cover when you pull out your bow.
Mileron 12 years ago
Even at level 7, clearing out some hold for a Mage Tower quest, if my initial sneak attack bow shot didn't kill them, they'd run into another room and either heal, summon an atronach, or call for help.

Yay for fireballs and corners