Leviathan Wakes


Okay, time for more shameless whoring...this book was co-written by my first internet friend ever, Ty Franck. (Those of you who read George RR Martin's blog, hoping against hope for an update, might have noticed he mentions a fellow named Ty a bit - same dude! Ty is George RR Martin's techie and whatnot).

To be clear - I only pimp out my friends when I really think they've done something genuinely fantastic. I also -only- pimp out my friend's work if I have seen/read/heard it. So when I say that Leviathan Wakes is the most entertaining book I have read this year, I shit you not, and I have read quite a few books.

It's a space opera detective novel - think Firefly with a healthy dose of noir thrown in. It is wonderfully compelling in addition to having a badass cast and a solid plot that keeps the pages turning and the imagination going when you're done.

I think if you don't hear about this book from me, you'll be hearing about it come Hugo time - so get ahead of the curve, nerds!