I'm sure those of you who this applies to already know about this game, but just in case...

There is a free game for iPhone/Android called "DrawSomething". It is sort of like Charades. You are given a selection of 3 words to choose from, easy/medium/hard, one of which you pick, and then try to draw for the other player to guess. I have absolutely no idea how scoring works exactly, other than easy words are worth 1 "coin", medium 2, hard 3, and that the "coins" are used to buy more colors within the game, and these bomb-things that you can use to make guessing easier when it's your turn to guess, or to get a new selection of words when it's your turn to draw (but you can just exit the game and restart it to get new words, so... wtf?). Other than that, I don't know how the score works, or particularly care, because the game is FUN!@!@!

If my phone could take screenshots, I would post some, but it can't, so F*#$ ANDROID! I drew a badass Iron Man, and LeBron James. And a really bad javelin-thrower that I guess lost me some points or whatever but who cares!

You get to watch a recording of the other person's drawing, with them erasing and starting over and stuff, and then they get to watch a recording of you guessing, to see at which point in their drawing it became clear what you were looking at. I bought a cheap stylus off Amazon to make it easier than my fat fingers, but the stylus is even kinda funky, probably because I am not cleaning it properly or something. Fingers work okay, and the clumsiness is part of the fun!

You can log in with your Facebook account, and then see which of your friends are also playing, or you can be a party-pooper and log in with an email account, like Words With Friends and the like. I expect to see all 2 of my Facebook-using friends from here who also have a smart phone to be challenging me to a game soon!

Greywood 12 years ago
But is is cross platform?! Android is nice for a lot of stuff, but after having one as a work phone for 5 months, I really do appreciate my iPhone.
pharren 12 years ago
There is a free game for iPhone/Android called "DrawSomething".

Above quote indicates cross-platformness (cross-platformity?).

This game is cool because it makes people draw things they normally wouldn't even consider, so you sometimes have to change the way you look at things in order to figure out how to represent it in-game (or in order to correctly guess WTF IS THIS BLOB YOU JUST DREW???). My sister's drawing skills have improved noticeably. It's a tool for the advancement of the human race! ...Maybe.
Vulash 12 years ago
The lines are so huge it's hard to draw small things. Plus, I can't draw, which also makes it hard to draw things
pharren 12 years ago
You can change the size of the brush down in the left hand corner, with the circle thing. For some reason the default size is one step up from the useful size.
pharren 12 years ago
Okay actually the icon to change the brush size is a pencil; the circle-things pop up when you click it. But whatever. I still guessed your drawing :P
Vulash 12 years ago
I'm awful, I can't get it to do what I want with my finger (TWSS)