Unstressing Massagination - a poem

You sit at your desk, your back to me
Your nose buried in your computer screen
I see the knots, all bunched up and tight
I wonder if you'll sit like that all night.

Behind you, quietly, I step up to you slow
As I watch your fingers across the keys flow
I listen to you think, I see you work
My hands reach your shoulders you jump and jerk.

Whispering silence in your ear I request
as my hands spread across your hair-tied mess
Gripping lightly, squeezing with care
Massage your shoulders, neck, and under your hair

I lay a soft kiss on the edge of your top
As along your sinews my hands roll and flop
Tightness strained, muscles screaming pain
You start to say "thanks" but end up moaning my name

Thumbs pressed gently into shoulderly hollows
Its only a massage right now, nothing will follow
Just melting of steel and erasure of tension
"How can I thank you", but I reply, don't mention

Working hard you do far too often, tis true
And I felt that tension needed to go away from you.