Random Screenshots from the Guild Wars 2 BWE that just ended

I didn't get to play much, but here are some screenshots for those who haven't seen the game yet

quiarrah 11 years ago
WOW they look Great! Can't wait for it to actually come out. Is it any good? I have heard that you cant go up in leel or exp unless you do your line of quests. Anything out of sinc with that and you might as well not play. Is that true?
I would be comparing it wityh EQ2 . . .and . . .WoW (unfortunately but true).
Anyway. . . .Nice Screenshots!
Verileah 11 years ago
Your personal story is only one aspect of the game. You can gain experience and level by way of the following:

Personal Story
Dynamic Events
Dungeons (after level 35)

Their goal was for players to gain levels organically, just by experiencing the world and trying everything. During their beta weekend, I did hearts (which are sort of like quests but with more branching options, and are the primary way of earning reputation points to buy fun stuff), dynamic events, a small amount of crafting, and some exploration. I didn't do any personal story at all because I didn't want to spoil that part of the game for myself, and I'm not really into PvP so I decided I'd rather spend my time doing other things. I never really paid much attention to my level; I just did stuff and experience kind of happened. When I got too high in level to do an area, the game automatically leveled me down so that I could continue having fun in the zone I was in. The same thing happens if you go into your personal story - if you don't get around to doing those quests until later on, you'll just be leveled down to what's appropriate. This is great for people like me who like to do everything possible and find themselves leveling out of content too quickly. Maybe not so great for people who like getting to max level and then crushing everything in their path, but you do get to keep all the skills you've unlocked and all of your gear, so it's a reasonable power compromise.

Oh, and also you can invite other players into your personal story if you don't want to be by yourself. When you're done with the personal story instance, your friends will automatically be sent back to whatever they were doing before the invite.