Daz3d's New Store

Has anyone bought anything since they switched to the new store software? Just curious cuz other than the last two freebies, I just made a purchase finally this morning. Tonight I woke up to a message from my bank saying I had suspect charges on my account. Got all that taken care of, now I'm just curious if it came from Daz's new not so secure site. So... anyone else had any probs?

ROzbeans 11 years ago
Not yet but I FUCKING HATE IT. So damn glitchy.
Eve 11 years ago
Whole damn site looks like ass. Seems like a major step backwards to me from what they had. Hate trying to find anything in purchase history, that's a joke now. Oh and where are the zips they said were coming? The one thing I bought was DM's new daz original just so I could use that lovely new one use coupon they give us instead of a voucher now. I couldn't even get to the damn place for like a week til I finally sent Ann an email to change my password because of the joke they turned support into. If you knew you were going to be changing to a system that needed x amount of characters in a password, you'd think it would be nice to let customers know that lil tidbit ahead of time. Nope, not Daz. Bout done with them I swear *sigh*
KaAnna 11 years ago
That voucher turned coupon thing is freaking stupid. And only on Daz Originals. Also, the search is completely useless. Last time they changed their store it seemed like a step backwards, and this time too, yeah.

Luckily I don't buy too often, but man. Real annoying. x_x