One of the hardest things ive watched in a long time


Saw this on the news today.. This 60 something year retired bus driver who is now a bus monitor was bullied by a group of 7th graders until she was made to cry. Sooo terrible - I wish I could freakin punch all of those kids. People have raised over $285,000 dollars for her to go on a "vacation" or to retire. She gets paid $15,000 dollars a year to be treated like that. There is something very wrong here.

Poor lady. It makes me think of my grandmother. What I dont get is that NOBODY took up for her. And where in the hell were the teachers and other adults in that bus?

pharren 11 years ago
I rode the bus a lot in high school and there was never any adult on the bus other than the bus driver. Why would teachers be on the bus unless it was a field trip?
Kelefane 11 years ago
Thats true, its just a sad thing that happened.
pharren 11 years ago
I can't even bring myself to watch it just because of your description :X

I already know people suck and don't want to depress myself with more proof. Also I'm afraid the behaviour won't seem extreme to me, and that would be even worse than depressing. Kids can be cruel.
Kelefane 11 years ago
I almost cried watching that shit, no lie.

I dunno why, but that struck a chord within me.
ROzbeans 11 years ago
Up to like 335k for her now. I didn't watch it either - it would just piss me off and want to go out and beat up some 15 year old for looking at me funny. Little pieces of shits - if Catherine had done this shit...oh you'd see me on the motherfucking news. Their parents should be so damn ashamed.
Kelefane 11 years ago
Kids these days are complete shit and its all the parents faults. Theses kids parents should be publicly beat or stoned for raising such shit head kids.

The things they were saying and doing to that old lady were just.....awful.
Miralyssa Viamorte 11 years ago
no way in hell will I click that link, I feel bad just hearing your description!

Those little motherfuckers need to understand what respect means - absolutely their parents fault