Dragon Keeper - Robin Hobb

I picked up this book cheap via BN.com's ebook selection, though I don't remember why - maybe I read about it in a fantasy book list or something.

It's an expansive tale about a world where dragons exist.
They are born as ocean-bound serpents, then travel upriver (much like salmon) to cocoon/hibernate and metamorphose into dragons.

The first book - Dragon Keeper - takes place hundreds of years after the last dragon all but disappeared from the world, when one shows up out of nowhere to escort the serpents to their hibernation place to grow into dragons.

The second book - Dragon Haven - is about their journey to their fabled, mythical, long-lost home.

I haven't picked up the third yet, as the ebook for City of Dragons is still 14 freaking dollars.

Mileron 11 years ago
The first one's a little slow, as it deals with the two main characters - one a scholarly woman who becomes the wife of a prominent trader, and the other a girl with special physical attributes that link her to the dragons - and the political stuff that surrounds them.

The second one picks up quite a bit more and I enjoyed it more than (and in fact read it a lot faster than) the first.