"Count Zero" (Neuromancer sequel) themed music thing (not an actual challenge)

I read/follow on Facebook this website disquiet.com that is about ambient electronic music and... uh, ambient electronic music. Now and then they post free mp3s and stuff of random genres of instrumental music (the author has great taste in instrumental hip hop, imo) or articles by/about people who were influential in the creation of modern electronic music, synthesizers, and the like. The guy who runs it is some sort of college professor or something.

Every week, they do a thing similar to our weekly sketch topic, but in audio form. They call it a "junto" which is a word Ben Franklin something-something blah blah there is an explanation here for those who care about such things. The submissions are uploaded via SoundCloud, which is like an audio version of ImageShack.

This week, the junto theme was taken from the William Gibson novel Count Zero, which is the sequel to Neuromancer and the 2nd book in the trilogy. Actually, the theme is basically "running water", but the idea came from a passage in the book that refers to "the sound of running water ... water down stone, one of the oldest songs." William Gibson himself retweeted the disquiet Twitter post, which is neat in a world where the common perception of a famous author/actor/musician is that they wouldn't even spit on you instead of saying "hello" because spitting on you would mean they acknowledged your existence.

The post with the explanation of the theme and the rules and the omg William Gibson read my tweets! screenshots is here.

Anyways, I don't think I'm going to participate or anything, and I wasn't trying to goad others into participating, I just thought it was cool because 1.) we do voluntary community thematic "challenges" too!, and 2.) we discussed Neuromancer quite a bit, and even sent one copy of the book sailing the waves of the snail mail system around the globe.

Also, most people think ambient music is boring as boring can be... or they don't even think of it as "music"... and the general flavor of submissions is usually "ambient as a mofo". So. That's a bit of an obstacle to participation.

But hey, if someone actually does participate, post a link or something so we can hear what you came up with :P