GUILD WARS 2 - AUG 25TH 2012

We are launching on Jade Quarry server with Furious Pantaloons.

Come check us out! We welcome all angry crayons ;P

Miralyssa Viamorte 11 years ago

There is already a forum for our new server :P
Dia 11 years ago
I'm going on vacation Tuesday but downloading my preface now! Perhaps see you guys around!
Miralyssa Viamorte 11 years ago
having SOOOO much fun on GW2. It is like a solro reunion! Jerrica, Yulin, Shah, Valarien, Diison, Thromguard, I could go on and on.... We have over 60 loons from over the years and ex-solro people rocking the FP tag over in GW2.

My character name is Miralyssa Viamorte (obv)
Dia 11 years ago
There is so much to do, I <3 it. I was most excited when the children went back to school today. That is hours of game time uninterupted
I'm Dia Lysene in game
Mileron 11 years ago
A lot of the forums I frequent are claiming this is the best MMO in years.

And yet, I have only the smidgenest iota of a desire to play it, since I disliked GW1 immensely and a lot of places say this is significantly different.

Then there's the whole "50 bucks for a game" thing that I'm running into

Is there a demo/friend's trial thing for it yet?
Verileah 11 years ago
Well there's no subscription fee, so think of it as saving a couple hundred bucks a year rather than spending 50!

What did you dislike about GW1? Someone here could probably tell you whether that continues to be a problem in GW2.

I find the game very engaging and fun but still rough around the edges in some respects. Actually playing the game is fantastic so I can always do that while I wait for them to fix some of the bugs with guilds and the ui and other little nitpicky things. I really love the spontaneity - one minute you're all by yourself exploring a cave and then oh shit I accidentally released an ancient creature omg help and then all of a sudden there's like 20 people helping to take down a big scary guy who becomes scarier as more people show up so it's never a zergfest. It's a very social game because of that and because of how skills work together, but no one is obliged to group up if they don't want to. The community so far has been really nice (though map chat is pretty laughable) and people help each other out and stuff, it's a good environment. They've pretty much taken out every excuse to be an asshole. Nodes are not competitive so you don't get those fuckwads who sneak up to your node while you're killing the mobs defending it. Kill stealing doesn't make any sense. And just in general, more people showing up is a *good* thing. Of course some people are really going to work hard at being assholes, it's not some magical world where everyone gets a unicorn and they all prance in a merry parade and hold hands and shit. But just in general, it's a nice community of helpful people.