DAZ3d you motherfuckers.

Request #109225

Unsuspending my plat sub

Rosalind Hartmann
Aug 12 12:13

I recently suspended my plat subscription because I was extremely disgruntled with the change to the monthly coupon. I didn't cancel because I knew I'd get over it, but now I can't see how to activate my plat sub again. I don't have to pay the initial fee again, do I? I'd just like to unsuspend it. Thank you.



  • You will need to repurchase the Membership. But please send me the order number and I will refund you the difference, so you only pay yhe renewal fee.

August 13, 2012 134

Rosalind Hartmann

  • Wait a minute, why do I have to repurchase something I suspended? I didn't cancel it. There was no warning. I have to pay $29.99 AGAIN? I don't care if you refund it, that's not the point. I don't think I should have to pay anything at this time for SUSPENDING my account. Cancel maybe, but suspend? I'm struggling with even coming up with a reason to keep my subscription now. First you guys upgrade the store by ruining it, then you change the coupon and are so vague about exactly what changes were made, making it difficult to even use the monthly 'coupon' that I'm paying 8 bucks a month for anyway?

  • No. I'm not repurchasing it. Either activate it or I'm done and you lose yet another customer. Thank you.

August 13, 2012 137

ROzbeans 11 years ago
What the fuck?
Mai 11 years ago
So what ended up happening?
ROzbeans 11 years ago
Oh they ended up doing what I wanted. Doesn't matter though, their store is so FUCKED. They have price/coupon typos they don't see as a priority to fix, bugs with their cookies - but they did reset my membership without me having to plunk money down for their fucking misworded bullshit. Hate them. /grumble
Mai 11 years ago
Well, I am glad you got your way. Sounds like there wasn't much of a difference between suspended and cancelled and that's stupid. Plus most places would have given you a warning about having to pay more money if you suspended your account.