Threadless Entry

I haven't been doing much art lately. I have been spending my time on Sanguine Affliction and whatever the game of the day happens to be.

Right now, the game of the day is Minecraft.

This is my entry to the Threadless Loves Minecraft t-shirt contest. If anyone has an account and would like to help me with the score I would appreciate it as I am broke and could use prize money (or a winning lottery ticket if anyone wants to share one of those.)

For people who don't play Minecraft, it is like a virtual world that is something like Sim City meets Legos. In survival mode there are various different mobs to make your life more...interesting. The one in my entry is called an Enderman. He is neutral until you place your cursor over him and then he attacks with some seriously hard hits. The annoyance is that he loves to pick up blocks, from your home, lawn, where ever and place them somewhere else. And there you have it.

Enderman Renovation and Relocation - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

ROzbeans 11 years ago
Verileah 11 years ago
That's wonderful that you're doing this! I've always wanted to do a threadless entry but never summoned the courage/creativity to follow through with it.

Unfortunately I'm having trouble voting but as soon as I figure out the problem I'll cast my vote .
Mai 11 years ago
Thank you both!

There are some amazing regular entries to threadless and that is very scary. Most of the minecraft stuff that I saw was truly horrible but there were a few gems in there. Then I put mine in and started looking around at pages and pages worth of entries and found that there were a lot of good ones in the older stuff that had gotten buried. If I had seen those then I might have been more worried from the beginning. -_-