Kick Ass 2 - red band *NSFW*

pharren 10 years ago
hahaha WHAAAAT?? OMG that looks awesome! Dude got ripped. When I heard they were making this (yesterday, incidentally), I didn't think it would be as cool as the first, because Hit Girl isn't a little girl anymore and that was the whole deal with her character: giggly little 10-year-old psychopath murderer/superhero. But I changed my mind. This looks in some ways cooler than the first.
Vulash 10 years ago
I didn't even recognize Jim Carey at first, but the line at the end had me rolling
pharren 10 years ago
I didn't recognize him either. It's hard to remember sometimes that he's actually a good actor, capable of doing other roles besides "moron".

I've watched this trailer like 10 times now. About to make it #11. I'm glad Chloe Grace-Moretz still looks pretty young, unlike that movie "Hick" where she looks kinda young but totally like jailbait. I really liked the whole pigtailed schoolgirl busting caps in mafia men in that one scene in "Kick-Ass" where she "lost her mommy" and is trying to get up the elevator.