problems with poser pro 2010

so hubby got this for me yesterday... and I installed all the stuff from daz, and it all shows up in my library just fine and all works fine... however... nothing from renderosity or rdna (zips) will show up in the library... I installed them like I did in poser 7.. with the install button on the content window within poser... even when i go look at the poser files in windows explorer... they are just not there... what gives? i run a pc, not mac... never ever had this problem with poser 7.. everything installed just fine... this is making me pull my hair out..

Eve 10 years ago
Best thing to do with zips, or even the exe's from Daz, is to install into a dummy folder first. Then move the files into your runtime from there, that way you know exactly where everything is because -you- put it there