Lifestyle - a poem

I stared down at the treat presented me
Glistening, gleaming, scent noticeable
And beneath the juices I could see
A prize considered delectable

Hands held apart, my face dipped down
From myself all that I heard was a sound
Moan of pleasure, a squeak of preparedness
Tomorrow how will I deal with this mess?

Will I be labeled? Will I feel changed?
Is what I'm doing weird wrong or strange?
Tickling and teasing the aroma did start
And I felt the rapid beating of my heart

Am I ready to dive into this lifestyle?
What I leave behind, will it be worthwhile?
How can I ignore the tugging of strings
In my heart, my belly, my oh-so-hungry thing

Just beneath my nose, my treasure did lay
Turn my head, and it would all go away
But open my mouth, I prepared to munch
On the boneless spare ribs I'd ordered for lunch.