The staff here on TAC.COM welcomes you to the board! Just a little information about who we are.


Maelarya - Board Owner and Admin

Vex - Co-Admin and site designer

Gilae - The heralded bean brown girl and Co-Adminfor 2D art, 3D art, Freehand, TAC Institute, and the Crayon Box.

Mai - Moderator for Art and Lit sections.


Verileah - The board's peach pie and Co-Admin for The Mafia, Reading Club, Literary Ectasy and Creative Leaks.

Geeii - Our designated 'play thing' and The Mafia Mod.

Jinheim - The other boy, Mafia Mod and literary sections.

Rasberry - Our /STAB gurl, Mafia Mod and literary sections.

Freel free to PM anyone of us if there's any issues or suggestions you might have for the board. We're expanding and trying to keep things fun and entertaining as well as be a showcase/library for everyone's art.

If you do art of any type, drawing or writing...show us.