will the cuteness never end?

im still in my cute fluffy animal phase. therefore, i submit these two critters. Im thinking I may do a bunch more if I dont run out of steam.... eventually on the To Do list is a desert, forest, and at least one more...

c/c all you like, but these two are done, so anything you suggest would only be implimented in future horsies.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
ROzBeans: oh i like!
ROzBeans: the mane should be on the other side so we can see!
ROzBeans: catherine said real horses dont have the unicorn horn
ROzBeans: lol
KassyNaVerdis: catherine is a picky little wench, isnt she? =P
ROzBeans: ROFL
ROzBeans: i like his legs and his tail
ROzBeans: bigger mane and horn !