Blade Runner Mafia Day 3: Watch your back (SERIAL KILL)

Dana paced her living room anxiously and wrung her hands to stop the shaking. It had been a long night and the wail of sirens couldn’t possibly be a good sign. It seemed the more she tried to just calm down and think straight, the more her heart pounded. She looked out the window of her apartment, then closed the curtain abruptly at the sight of police vehicles. She paced some more, until the grey ragged carpeting was in danger of wearing away, and then looked out the window again. Groaning in frustration, she flung the curtain back into place and headed for her door, only to stand in front of it for several seconds, shake her head, and go back into her living room for more pacing. She wiped her sweaty hands on her pants in disgust and wished she could just stop being so afraid. And then she checked the door again. And the windows. And resumed pacing.

they’re after me all after me have to kill them can’t stop now nothing can stop me now have to kill them all the girl is next but I will never stop no one can stop me

The girl actually stopped breathing for a moment when she heard her front door open with a creak, then sighed in relief.

“Thank goodness you’re finally here, I’ve been a wreck trying to figure out what to do…” Dana’s welcome faltered as she saw that her visitor was not who she expected at all. Terror consumed her then; she was paralyzed with fear as she looked into her killer’s cold eyes, knowing there was no hope of escape. She backtracked, bumping into the coffee table and throwing out an arm to steady herself. She couldn’t seem to rip her eyes away from her killer’s all too familiar face, though the gun that the killer held steady in one hand and pointed at her heart was a bit of a distracter. Dana seemed to shrink into herself then, and managed only a brief “Oh” in her small voice before the laser ripped through her.


“So you’re telling me that no one heard anything. No one saw anything. And yet there is a dead teenage girl in that room.”

The neighbors shuffled their feet and refused to look at Bepa. The police officer threw up her hands in disgust.

“Alright. You are all free to go. I urge you to be cautious though.”

The neighbors went their separate ways and Bepa returned to the girl’s apartment to check for evidence. A cat contentedly ate from a small bowl as Bepa browsed the room, snapping photographs and taking notes.

/ooc I figured no one likes to go a day without getting a real death in there...