Blade Runner Mafia Day 3 Voting

I'll close this at tomorrow at midnight est unless we have a particuarlly dead day or everyone has voted and we're just sitting on our collective asses.

Geeii 19 years ago
Tyler had done some research on his own and was fairly certain he knew who was behind at least one set of the killings. It had to be Polarn Summersong
pharren 19 years ago
sorry geeii, but the jig is up!

TYLER ANDERSON is due for some vigilante justice! im 90% certain he is the serial killer. see the day 3 OOC thread for my reasoning why.

ill be home from work around 8pm est to see what people think of my novice 5am detective work! and hopefully write some in-character stuff because ive been slacking
Jinheim 19 years ago
I also believe that Tyler Anderson is our best bet for SK.
Vulash 19 years ago
I'm going to have to agree with Pharren - it seems Tyler is the best choice, and if Dana was indeed the GF I'm more worried about the SK this round.

Sorry after further info revealed to me I vote for Polarn - to be clear the Jed vote was not a fake like my others.
Voting for Polarn
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Polarn Summersong
MEC 19 years ago
I'm ganna go with Tyler for reasons stated.

But, I trust in bragg, so I'll vote for jed
Etric 19 years ago
Tyler Anderson has had his hand in murder. Lynch him.

Edit: Jed has convinced me that Jarvis is a bad man.
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
Tyler Anderson.
Pulvani 19 years ago
Tyler Anderson was my original vote, but if he's the doctor, I don't wanna bump him off. Thinking about this one before I make my vote.

Verileah 19 years ago
Calling this. OMFG.

Someone call heads or tails.
Etric 19 years ago
Verileah 19 years ago
Thanks Etric, for both the call and the FREAKIN' INSANITY.

Scene to come.
Verileah 19 years ago
“Where –is- everybody? You would think they would have shown up if this meeting were really so important. Unless they had something to hide.”

Restless and annoyed, Polarn considered checking on her cockatoo to help her relax. Something about stroking those beautiful feathers, of having something completely depend on her, something she could pour all of her love into, was very soothing.

“Well, maybe I’ll just slip out for a minute…oh, wait, here comes someone now. About time!”


The note had requested that Tyler come to the top floor apartment for a “neighborhood meeting,” so come he did. He was surprised to find only Polarn waiting there; he was actually a few minutes late and had expected to walk into a room filled with tension and arguing. Or at the very least, he had hoped to see Caitlinn again. He nodded to Polarn in acknowledgement and sat down on an overly soft sofa. There was an awkward silence. Looking around the room, at anything other than the woman seated across from him, the woman he frankly didn’t trust any further than he could throw, he noticed a lumpy form on a chair in the corner. Getting up to investigate, he chucked when he realized that it was Collin, curled up under a blanket and snoring contentedly.


Even Bepa was not allowed in the building while the fire Marshall and his men cleared it, though it was only a small part of the top floor that was a burnt out husk of what it once was. The fire was forunately put out very quickly, though when it began it had burned fiercely. So she stood outside with the apartment dwellers and waited in uncomfortable silence as the building was hosed down and firemen ran in and out. A team of paramedics waited nearby to care for the injured; a quick head count revealed there were three still inside. It looked like all the animals had been rescued, which brought Bepa some relief, but the air was thick with anxiety as their neighbors waited for word of those missing from their numbers.

Finally, a fireman covered in soot and carrying a body covered in a blanket emerged from inside the apartment. The neighbors rushed forward to see who was saved and what state their neighbor was in, but the paramedics shouted for everyone to get back. Still, someone was able to see the injured person’s face, and shouted out “It’s Collin! He’s alive!” While accurate enough of a statement, it was clear that he was only just barely living. It was hard to see what exactly was going on, but paddles were brought out and someone shouted “clear,” and then shouted again. The neighbors gasped when they saw Collin move a foot. Then the paramedics quickly put a tube down his throat and loaded him into the ambulance.

And the neighbors continued to wait.

Finally the fire Marshall walked out of the apartment building. Bepa could tell immediately that there would be no more quick rescues to save lives; it was clear now that there were no more lives to save, that the remaining two had not survived the fire.

Apparently Bepa was not the only one who could read the Fire Marshall’s face. There was a buzz of talking and crying among the neighbors, though some simply looked at the ground and remained silent.

“What happened? Any idea of what started the fire?”

The fire Marshall looked over at the neighbors, then looked back at Bepa. “One thing is clear. This fire was no accident.”

Bepa reflected someone had lit the match alright, but this entire apartment was a disaster waiting to happen. That the Rosen Corporation had doused the whole place in gasoline before they abandoned it. That she was surprised this hadn’t happened sooner. Then Bepa wondered if it had. She watched as the firemen led the apartment dwellers back inside and instructed them not to go anywhere near the site of the incident.