Blade Runner Mafia Day 4: Resignation (MAFIA HIT)

Marcus Bragg took another gulp of his beer and sat back in his recliner, staring at nothing. All in all, he thought, this wasn’t such a bad way to go.

Oh, he could have run. He could have had his things packed and been out the door an hour ago. But for how long? Did he really want to spend his life on the run? Unable to sleep, looking over his shoulder every few minutes, in constant fear for his life? No. Marcus had led a good life, but he knew when his time was up.

He had not bothered to lock the door, and so the killer entered his apartment without difficulty. Still smelling of smoke from the fire and walking at a slow, easy pace, the killer made no effort to be subtle about entering the dark foyer and walking into the dim living room.

“It seems we have you now.”

Marcus ignored the taunt and drank his beer.

“You were a fool, you know. Such a fool. What a waste of a human.”

Marcus shook his empty beer can, then cast it aside.

“It’s pathetic really. You never had any idea.” The killer laughed darkly and pulled out the laser gun. “And now you’ll never be able to tell a living soul the terrible truth.”

Marcus found that his disinterest was not entirely feigned. He knew he would be the next to die, and actually found himself impatient with his oddly chatty killer. He wished the murderer would get on with it, as a matter of fact.

“What? Nothing to say? You had a lot to say earlier, didn’t you? Oh well, I had hoped for some entertainment, but I will laugh as you die in agony.” With that, the killer blasted the laser gun, over and over, until Marcus was nothing but a pulpy mass.


“Bepa, we need you to come downtown. Now.”

“Alright boss. I’m on my way. And…I’m sorry.”

“Just get here.”

ROzbeans 18 years ago
Caitlinn slowly returned to her apartment with her cat's box nestled under her arm. Passing Tyler's door she cast a glance at it, but continued. Upon making it to Marcus Bragg's door her cat suddenly decided to go apeshit. Bouncing around in her box, the cat started to hiss and spit. Caitlinn turned and faced Bragg's door, slightly ajar.

She sighed.

Nudging the door open slowly she called out, 'Hey Marcus...?' She walked down the foyer and the room opened up into the living room. His chair was faced away from her, towards his picture window, looking out over the street. 'Marcus?' Caitlinn slowly walked around and saw him.

Her eyesbrows went up and her mouth grimaced. '....And then there were 7.'