Just a little activity

/ooc I figured that since there won't be a vote today and I imagine you want to take your mind off the terrible killings, I'd offer up a little fun.

Bepa set the car to autodrive and picked up the phone. Her end of the conversation was mostly "yes" or "no" or "alright", but something occurred to her at the end of the talk.

"Hold on, boss, don't go. Listen...with all the people dying, we need to figure out what to do with their animals. It would be wrong to abandon them after all."

"Bepa, we don't have time for this. Talk to the neighbors, see if some of them can take an animal or two."

/ooc Poor animals need homes! Who will claim them?

MEC 19 years ago
I'll take dana's cat.

And I'd be happy to pay for any leftover animals to find care.
Pulvani 19 years ago
I have made a nice home in my apartment for Polarn's cockatoo. Don't worry, I'll keep the cat away from it (although from the looks of this bird, it needs no protection!)