Blade Runner - The Smoking Lynch...

Caitlinn stood in the street looking at the inferno above. The water from fire trucks rained down on her, matting her hair. The first body brought out was Collin, who was alive. She didnt bother to look. She kept staring up at the building, waiting. The last 2 charred bodies came down and with the arrival of Tyler's body, Jacob, the burly russian came over and put his hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off, not looking.

The Fire Marshall cleared the building for entry but Caitlinn picked a spot on the sidewalk and sat. Her cat sat in her box next to her. Tipping it over, the cat jumped out and again sat and looked at her master. Caitlinn watched the silky black cat, blinking it's yellow eyes at her.

'I tried.' It's eyes narrowed at her and it growled softly. Caitlinn scowled back. She reached down and took a piece of her shirt. She enhaled deeply from it, but it was gone. All she could smell was the pungent odor of loneliness.