Blade Runner - Day 4 ooc

If we go by what the mafia said in braggs death scene, then the killer might be someone bragg didn't suspect, or the killer was just bragging that they're alive.

That leaves:


And maybe Jed.

Although it is kinda hard to see who he suspected and not because of all of his "fake" voting.

Also, is collin considered dead because he went to the hospital?

Pulvani 18 years ago
I assumed that because Collin didn't die in the fire, he was saved by the that incorrect?
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Well I'm not mafia, I had a hit put on me. Collin is on life support so I'm assuming that means he's just not playing. I think his migraines are hurting him pretty bad right now in real life. I suspect Marcus Crowley as the SK and probably Jarvis as Mafia.
pharren 18 years ago
im assuming Collin is removed from the game. what i want to know right now is ... SK hit wru????

interesting things to note about vulash's death:

Oh, he could have run. He could have had his things packed and been out the door an hour ago. But for how long?

Marcus found that his disinterest was not entirely feigned. He knew he would be the next to die, and actually found himself impatient with his oddly chatty killer.

he knew he was the next to die, which may be true, but to me this sounds like he knew who his killer would be. i might be misinterpreting it, but this next quote leads me to believe that not only did he know, but he also accused his killer of being either SK or mafia previously:
What? Nothing to say? You had a lot to say earlier, didn’t you?

an interesting note from the killer himself:
It seems we have you now.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Verileah was beat tonight, so she said she'd post it tomorrow. Yup, I guess whoever it is, is still alive.
MEC 18 years ago

You do realize that bragg identified me as townie, right?
Etric 18 years ago
If he IDed you and you are not Mafia, you IDed as "not Mafia"
MEC 18 years ago
Ok, I reread the rules, in most games I play in the sherrif gets back whatever the person is, except the god-father.

Also I noticed that Jarvis was the last person to vote/change vote, and he decided to vote for himself as a joke rather than vote and split the tie, thus making a double lynch.
MEC 18 years ago
So was Jacob mafia?
Etric 18 years ago
All you vote changers are just mad because I pwned you with the last minute vote change for myself. Since, I can't do this after I die, I might as well tell you - I am neither mafia, nor the SK. Think about this - mafia will vote for me because I am not mafia. If I were mafia my mafia buddies wouldn't want me to die. Assume all the people in mafia hits were not mafia and look at what they said/who they accused. None of those who died in mafia hits were sk either, so consider what they have said to be true. Too bad I don't have time to do the data analysis. Think about all this before you seperate Jarvis and his beloved Oinky.
Etric 18 years ago
Btw, yesterday's voting proves that Jed is either the SK or mafia.
Pulvani 18 years ago proves no such thing.
pharren 18 years ago
If we go by what the mafia said in braggs death scene, then the killer might be someone bragg didn't suspect, or the killer was just bragging that they're alive.

hi, im stupid. /wave. i didnt realize MEC had posted this in the first thread before i went and re-posted almost the same thing.

J A C O B ' S . D E A T H:

1.) “Well well well. Who would have thought?”
2.) “I know what you are.”
3.) “I’m nothing like you…replicant!”

we know our serial killer is insane. however, our serial killer hides it quite well. i imagine s/he has a job or does something to keep herself/himself busy throughout the day. therefore we can assume that they posess some reasoning abilities that still function in a normal or semi-normal manner. to me, two of these statements by the serial killer is "sane", and one is paranoid/delusional/etc.

1.) SANE - jacob does not question this rhetoric. in my mind, a "normal" person would be thrown off by this question coming out of the mouth of an intruder. "who would have thought what?" is what they would say, not a casual "what do you want?"

2.) SANE - first jacob tries to play this off with the line about the pet owner. when he sees that the killer means business, he resigns himself to death (much like vulash did) and tries to make some sort of bond with the killer (perhaps in an attempt to save himself? who knows.) by saying "You and I... we’re not so different, I think". i feel this statement deserves a closer look.

3.) NO LONGER SANE - either the killer made the connection jacob had intended or otherwise began to feel some sympathy and it short-circuited his brain, sending it into full-blown paranoid schizophrenic mode again. jacob responds to this by dying. not much of a clue there.

i dont know how important it is that we see the serial killer as a human. they obviously feel some sort of compassion or companionship or camaradarie or SOMETHING towards the others in the building, and they justify the killing with their incoherant rambling about everyone iz teh androidz omgz die androidz!!!!111. i guess it serves the dual purpose of detaching them from the incident emotionally/mentally, and dehumanizing their prey making it easier or more acceptable to kill them.


i feel that jacob's non-response to the first rhetorical question is more of an indication that jacob must have been mafia than the attempt to make the serial killer identify with him, but it must still have some significance. why did he say this? what did he mean? did he really think he could get away? is this something to throw us off? because i really dont see the mafia and the serial killer as being similar, other than the fact that they all kill people. so do the townies. that doesnt make them allies. there must be something here i am missing, so if someone sees it, post it.
pharren 18 years ago

i think its really coming down to the wire here so its important that we know where we stand. im trying to figure some stuff out but i need some input.

- are we certain that dana was the godfather?
- are we certain that marcus (vulash) told the truth about IDing both dana and marcus (MEC) as "not mafia" ?? (assuming vulash was the sherriff)

if both of these are true, then marcus (MEC) is either townie, or SK. if marcus (MEC) is not mafia, does that mean all the mafia is dead? could there be one or even two more? if there is mafia remaining, as well as the SK, and we lynch a townie, we are in serious shit.

since nobody else was IDed that i am aware of, here is a list based on "fact" (ie. based on alleged sherriff ID) and assuming dana was the godfather

simon - unknown
caitlinn - unknown
jed - unknown
jarvis - unknown
marcus - serial killer or townie

this isnt very good. im going to look at how people voted since everyone seems to think that is significant. just throwing this out there for now
Etric 18 years ago
Yesterday when I logged on everyone was voting for Tyler. Then people changed their votes. Then Vulash, Maelarya and Geeii (Tyler) changed their votes, I believe some of them w/o editing them. I also believe they changed their votes more than once (from Tyler to Jed to Polarn). At one point, this made the voting Vulash, Maelarya, Geeii, MEC voting for Jed. 4 votes. Larene_Stormfire (Polarn) voted for Tyler as did Jinheim, Pharren, and myself. At this time, the last person to vote was Pulvani
aka Jed Hanover. Instead of breaking the tie and saving his own skin, Jed threw his vote away and voted for Jarvis. I saw this and then I figured I'd have a little fun. I'd change my vote from Tyler to myself to make the vote 4-3-2 with Pulvani getting the most votes and dying. However, Vulash, Mae, and Geeii all changed their votes again (w/o edit msg) to Polarn making it Tyler 4, Polarn 3, 1 Jarvis 1, Jed 1. (MEC never changed their vote from Jed). So I thought I'd have a little fun, as I haven't had time to play much or devote much critical thinking to this as others have. Plus, I figured it would be humorous, as it was. So I changed my vote, getting a 50/50 chance on either 2 deaths or 0 deaths. This time the coin flipped DEATH. Jed has been accused before of suspicious doings, and now this weird vote (even starnger than mine) raises red flags. Since Marcus Bragg was a townie as evidenced by his daeth, and he voted for Jed before he changed it for unknown reasons, it follows that Jed is indeed eitehr mafia or the SK,
pharren 18 years ago
so is this summary of your mind boggling post correct, etric?

Jed, the last person to vote, voted for Jarvis instead of voting for Tyler or himself. This means Jed is either Mafia or Serial Killer.

cause if so, im still confused
Etric 18 years ago
There were 2 factions at one point. 4 votes for Jed and 4 votes for Tyler. Jed was the last to vote and instead of saving his own life he voted for innocent Jarvis. Marcus was part of the faction that implicated Jed (he later changed his vote). Marcus' death scence indicated he was getting close to the killer (he almost voted Jed off and convcined at least one other person to). Now, why would Jed NOT vote Tyler off and instead waste his vote on me? It doesn't make sense and this in itself is suspcious. Perhaps he was going to change his vote later? Perhaps he didn't pay attention? Either way it is suspicious. Even stranger than my vote for myself.
Pulvani 18 years ago
so is this summary of your mind boggling post correct, etric? cause if so, im still confused

LOL me too, Pharren

Alright, I'll explain. My voting may not seem rational because 90% of the time I don't know who the hell to even vote for! Obviously I'm not very good at this game, because I'm still having troubles seeing all the "obvious clues" that everybody else seems to see.

I originally voted for Tyler last night. I thought he was suspicious...then his claim that he was the doctor combined with a PM or two thrown my way from people made me second guess my vote. I certainly didn't want to vote to lynch the doctor. At that point I wasn't sure who to vote for. I chose to vote for someone that up to that point had been sorta quiet throughout the whole thing, which in my mind was Jarvis.
MEC 18 years ago
There's just one problem Jarvis. There is the editing message on the other's message, and you were the LAST to change your vote and you did so only once, forcing a tie.

Also, I find it highly doubtfull that a person would allow a large cat to maul and eat a person, pharren. Why would anyone give the animal a taste of human blood, it would become a man-eater.
pharren 18 years ago
bleh, its sci-fi/fantasy. we dont assume responsibility for our actions here.

Obviously I'm not very good at this game, because I'm still having troubles seeing all the "obvious clues" that everybody else seems to see.

same here. everytime i see an obvious clue it turns out to be nothing.
MEC 18 years ago
Ok, I think I just had an epiphany, although it's a little late to save Jarvis, although I still wonder why he wanted a double lynching. The first lone erial kill was extreamly violent and bloody, the person being ripped apart and all. However the latter kills were shot with a laser. I think I saw this somewhere else on the board, however, I reliazied that the shooting part started after Caitlinn had injured her arm.