Blade Runner Mafia Day 4: Just Like Them - (SERIAL KILL)

Jacob pushed the end of the carrot through the bars of the cage and smiled as Kenny hopped over and began to gnaw eagerly. “Widdle bunny, here widdle bunny, you want some carrot? Mmm, that’s good carrot, such a hungry widdle bunny!”

“Well well well. Who would have thought?”

Jacob tensed at the voice behind him. The carrot was almost gone now, and he shoved the rest all the way through the bars for Kenny to continue munching.

“What do you want?”

“I know what you are.”

Jacob laughed at this. “How very dramatic. And what am I, other than a loving pet owner?”

Jacob’s visitor didn’t answer, unless pulling a laser gun out and pointing it at him could be considered a reply. Jacob just shook his head, standing up to his full height and looking at his potential killer with an almost sad expression, full of pity.

“You and I…we’re not so different, I think.”

The killer snarled. “I’m nothing like you…replicant!”

Jacob just continued to shake his head sadly as the laser ripped through him.

liar liar liar it’s not true bastard liar trying to get to me trying to save his skin such a liar I’m not a monster I’m not one of them he’s a bad liar and has to die bad replicant


In the hospital, machines beeped and groaned and wooshed.

Collin opened his eyes.

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Mileron 19 years ago
Collin waited quietly for a few moments, allowing his eyes to adjust to the bright light behind his head and the darkness before him.

He felt like he'd been flattened by a cargo ship. The slight stench of burnt hair filled his nostrils - well as much as it could, given that there were a pair of tubes slipped in there. He felt kind of detached, as if any painkillers he might have been given were on an extremely high dose.

A nurse came in eventually, and he got her attention by winking and blinking at her. She came to him, asking him how he was doing, telling him what had happened.

He strained to talk around the tube in his throat.
He croaked, "Bepa, Bepa..." but all that was intelligible was "Wawa, wawa."