Blade Runner - My last words

Pulvani is SK/mafia/evil for voting me off and convincing me to vote myself off.

Mae is godfather. She even had "The Godfather" movie logo in her sig as a "f--- you" to us townies.

Pharren is evil and has a unique sig. Need I say more?

For the record, I am a townie and I'll dai a townie!

Pulvani 18 years ago
pharren 18 years ago
so youre the only townie, and the rest of us are evil? WE WIN!!!!!!!

Etric 18 years ago
You're evil in general and have the arrogance of the custom sig! Might as well be carrying around a smoking laser...
Etric 18 years ago
BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!!! BLOOD ON ALL OUR HANDS (cept Pharren for doing the right thing)